You are the Master of your transition

If you told me two years ago that I would find “FUN” in natural hair I would have laughed at you hysterically! Who the hell finds fun in natural hair?! It is painful, untameable*, naughty, tangled, hot, dry and all that, right? Lol that is if you are not taking good care of it. I have fallen in love with my hair!

I recently started getting serious with my hair and how to take care of it and I mean hands-on take care of it. I could have not done it without my partner in crime Michelle who is basically teaching me everything I know about my hair. I am not sure though at the moment what my hair type is and I am so unbothered because I have decided to take everything slowly and as it comes.

I just thought I might share a couple of tips if you decide to transition or what you should know before transitioning:

  • Think about it very carefully! And think. Think. Think!
  • There is nothing wrong with crying when you chop it all off.
  • You will look unusually weird after the chop but who cares, they’ll get used to it. YOU will get used to it.
  • Your hair “belongs” to a lot of people so they will not be happy with you cutting your hair.
  • Take your time buying your natural hair products and ask questions.
  • Don’t watch a lot of YouTube tutorials on how to get your hair to curl up, you will die trying. TAKE YOUR TIME.
  • Concentrate on it being healthy. The rest will happen by itself.
  • PATIENCE! PATIENCE! PATIENCE!!! I cannot stress this enough. Myself and Michelle get people asking how long have we been growing our hair and as you know, both our hair started at about the same time but Michelle’s hair is longer than mine because I am lazy at getting the right nutrients in it.

You need to understand that growth happens when you take care of yourself, your scalp and edges. The rest is just irrelevant guys, really. And stay far away from products with Sulphate.



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