Vodaworld: Out of this World Experience

Vodaworld: Out of this World Experience

Hey gang! So I had the chance to check out the Vodaworld: Out of this World Experience this past week..

The event took place from Saturday, 8 April till Thursday, 13 April and featured a variety of stalls including: Native Child natural hair products, BarmanLarry apparel and My African Buy books among other things…

This week, however, I had the gracious opportunity to cover Nhlanhla Kunene’s Sketi-Skirts fashion brand, which caters to women who have a taste for classic skirts and dresses but a unique, whimsical twist. Inspired by pieces created by her grandmother throughout her life growing up, Nhlanhla outdoes her adversaries by  incorporating fun and quirky fabrics and patterns with the classic, universal cuts and shapes we’ve come to see and love in everyday fashion.

Whether you’re a CEO, a fashion-forward student or the token single bridesmaid to your best friends’ weddings; Sketi-Skirts will ensure that you not only stand out, but also wear an iconic dress that no other chic will have!

For more details:

Nhlanhla Kunene: 073 383 2625/nhlanhla@sketiskirts.co.za

Sketi-Skirts Instagram: @sketiskirts


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